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Tokyo Tarareba Musume OST

by Dramaost

Tokyo Tarareba Musume OST

Tokyo Tarareba Musume OST / 東京タラレバ娘 OST
Release Year: 2017
Country: Japan
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack

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Track List:

01. Perfume – TOKYO GIRL

02. Perfume – TOKYO GIRL (Inst.)



01. KANNO Yugo – Tokyo Tarareba Girls ~MAIN THEME~

02. KANNO Yugo – It Is Girl Society In Three People

03. KANNO Yugo – Tara Refuge Just Said That I Became Such Age

04. KANNO Yugo – Do Not Leave Things Like This For Cod

05. KANNO Yugo – Revolution To See Reality

06. KANNO Yugo – Tarareva

07. KANNO Yugo – Chief Character Of The Long Long Story Life Is Oneself At Any Age

08. KANNO Yugo – The Fourth Dispatch!

09. KANNO Yugo – I Am Not Calling For Work In Love

10. KANNO Yugo – The Man Whom I Thrust

11. KANNO Yugo – Severe Reality, But Truth.

12. KANNO Yugo – Grill With Beer

13. KANNO Yugo – Do Not Scrape and Stray In The Air

14. KANNO Yugo – I Do Not Know How To Get Up

15. KANNO Yugo – Time, I want to rewind …

16. KANNO Yugo – Ideal and Reality

17. KANNO Yugo – Even a Thallaleva Woman Wants Love

18. KANNO Yugo – Love ….. Where is that!?

19. KANNO Yugo – Miserable Tara is Not Out

20. KANNO Yugo – It Was Damaged In Vain!

21. KANNO Yugo – Izakaya

22. KANNO Yugo – Is It a Leva To Begin?

23. KANNO Yugo – Adult Who Had Good Age Stand Up By Oneself

24. KANNO Yugo – Tokyo Tarareba Girls ~Ballad Version~