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To.Jenny OST

To.Jenny OST / 투제니 OST
Release Year: 2018
Country: South Korea
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack


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Track List:
Part. 1
01. Kim Sung Chul – Nonhyun-dong pork belly
02. Kim Sung Chul Feat. Choi Yoo Ri – Tiramisu Cake
03. Kim Sung Chul Feat. Lee Sangyi – Grab Me
04. Kim Sung Chul – Care About You

Part. 2
01. Kim Sung Chul, Jung Chae Yun of I.O.I – Your Song (SAM KIM)
02. Kim Sung Chul – To. Jenny
03. DIA – Would You Go Out With Me (To. Jenny Song By COCOA)