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THE [email protected] OST / 아이돌마스터.KR – 꿈을 드림 OST
Release Year: 2017
Country: South Korea
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack

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Track List:

Part. 1

01. Real Girls Project – Dreaming

02. Real Girls Project – One For All

03. Soo Ji, Ji Won – Memories

04. Jae In, Jung Joo – Lost in the Summer


Part. 2

01. Red Queen – SUPER GIRL MAGIC

02. Red Queen – ACACIA

03. Red Queen – ATTENTION


Part. 3

01. Real Girls Project – I MUST GO!

02. Lee Soo Ji, Kwon Ha Seo, Lee Jee Won, Lee Ye Eun, Cha Ji Seul – Growl (Rookie Team)

03. Heo Young Joo, Kim So Ri, Teramoto Yukika, Jane Chun, Jung Tae Ri – 2nd Confession (Debut Team)

04. Kwon Ha Seo & Jane Chun & Lee Ye Eun – Wanna be your Star