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The Ex-Man OST

by spay

Taiwanese drama The Ex-Man OST


Title: The Ex-Man OST / 前男友不是人 OST
Release Year: 2018
Country: Taiwan
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack

Album / Individual Soundtrack:

GOOGLE DRIVE                          MEGA


Track List:

01. Rainie Yang – Lessons In Love

02. Rennie Wang – Ceramics

03. Harlem Yu – Monkey lonely

04. Chang Csun Yuk – Courage

05. Fang Wu – There’ll be A Day

06. Fanfan Fan – Not So Much Love Him

07. Kevin Lin, Sam Lee – You Love Her So Much

08. Jill Hsu – I Wanna Be With You

09. Fanfan Fan – Is That You

10. Rainie Yang – Youth Who Lived

11. Kawashima Makiyo – Bad Things