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Person Who Gives Happiness OST

by spay

Korean drama Person Who Gives Happiness OST

Title: Person Who Gives Happiness OST / 행복을 주는 사람 OST
Release Year: 2017
Country: South Korea
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack

Album / Individual Soundtrack:

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Track List:

01. Geum Suk Gyoon of Espresso – Last Farewell (OST Ver.)

02. Bom – I’m Going Today (OST Ver.)

03. Geum Suk Kyoon of Espresso feat. Lee So Eun – Two People (OST Ver.)

04. Person Who Gives Happiness

05. Eun Hee’s Theme

06. My Family

07. The Wind of Happiness

08. Ha Yoon’s Theme

09. Where Is It

10. Yoo Ri and Wang Sung

11. Two Rainbows

12. Now We Are

13. I Will Still Live

14. Ha Yoon’s Audition

15. Ha Yoon, My Son

16. Find Happiness

17. Under The Sun, We Are

18. Bok Ae’s Obsession

19. Betrayal

20. Moment of Destiny

21. Evidence

22. Mistaken

23. Regret

24. Ruin

25. Various Artists -A Misplaced Destiny

26. Ja Kyung’s Tears

27. Forgiveness