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Korean drama Monstar OST

Monstar OST / 몬스타 OST
Release Year: 2013
Country: South Korea
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack

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Track List:

01. BoA – Atlantis Princess. [ORIGINAL]

02.Lee Minki -Those Days I had With You [ORIGINAL]

03. Lee So Ra – Wind Blows.[ORIGINAL]

04.BEAST, BTOB, Ha Yeon-Soo – Past Day

05.Ha Yeon Soo ft. Kang Ha Neul – Nocturne from Bichunmoo

06.Ha Yeon Soo, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Cho Eun – Atlantis Princess

07.JS HyunA – Trouble Maker

08.Junhyung BTOB (MAN IN BLACK) – Say to Say

09.Junhyung (BEAST) BTOB – After Hours

10.Kim Sung Jae – So to say

11.Kim Yoon Ah – Nocturne from Bichunmoo

12.Yoon Seol Chan, Min Se Yi, Jung SunWoo – TroubleMaker

13.Min SeYi – Don’t be sad

14.Park GyuDong & Min SeYi – Wind Blows

15.Chris Tomlin – Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)[ORIGINAL]

16.Wonder Girls – Nobody [ORIGINAL]

17.2PM – Heartbeat [ORIGINAL]

18. S.E.S – I’m Your Girl [ORIGINAL]


20.Bi Rain – Rainism [ORIGINAL]

21.Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra [ORIGINAL]

22.Beyonce – Single ladies [ORIGINAL]

23.Westlife – You Raise Me Up [ORIGINAL]

24.Postino – After Time Passes

25.Donghae & Eunhyuk – First Love)

26.2NE1 – I’m The Best

27.Park Kyu-dong– I’m The Best

28.Lena Park & Bumsoo Kim – Human Love

29.Kim Nana – Swamp

30.Kang Ha Neul and Da Hee – Human Love

31.Jung SonWoo – I Choose To Love You

32. Men in Black – First Love

33. Monstar Colorbar (Junhyung of B2ST, Ha Yeon Soo & Dahee of GLAM)- Don’t Make Me Cry

34.Song Yoon Seol Chan (Ep. 11)

35.Song Kim Nana (Ep. 11)

36.Lucid Fall – 바람, 어디에서 부는

37.No Min Woo & All-Four-One – 청춘시대

38.Monstar Colorbar -나의 노래

38.달빛요정역전만루홈런 – 나의 노래

39.JoonYoung, YeRim and TaeHyun -출발

40.리치(rich) – 사랑해 이말밖엔

41.Colorbar (Junhyung [B2ST], Ha YeonSoo, Kang HaNeul, Kang HuiSik, Dahee, Kim MinYoung, Park KyuSeo)-It’s Only My World

42.Lee Hyori-10 Minutes

43.Busker Busker – First Love

44.Jeong Seonwoo & Min SeYi & Park GyuDong – Fireflies Medley

45. Jeong Seonwoo & Min SeYi [Ep.9]

46.Kim Hyun Sik – Don’t Be Sad

47.SanUlRim – Meaning of You

48.Yoon SeolChan & Min SeYi – What You Mean To Me