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Le Coup de Foudre OST

by spay

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Title: Le Coup de Foudre OST / 我只喜欢你 OST
Release Year: 2019
Country: China
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack

Album / Individual Soundtrack:



Track List:

01. Joyce Chu – The Heartbeat That Cannot Be Hidden
02. Saji – Never Let You Go
03. Saji – The Beauty of Spring has arrived, but you’re no longer by my side
04. Hu Xia – I Only Like You
05. Ma Li – Most Beloved Friend
06. Li Jiajie, Zhang Yue – Standing By Your Side
07. Taylor Bebby – Slowly
08. Fei Ding’an – Dear You
09. Jin Dazhou – 2000 Hz Distance