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Gloomy Salad Days OST / Death Girl OST

by spay

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Title: Death Girl OST / 死神少女 OST / Gloomy Salad Days OST
Release Year: 2010
Country: Taiwan
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Download: Google Drive, Mega

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Track List:

01. Blossoming And Dispersing Crowd – 盛开的消没的人群

02. Gloomy Salad Days

03. Escape From The Moment – 远远地离开现在

04. Marshmallow Cloud – 棉花云

05. off From Ocean Clouds Float – 全天下的白云都从海里浮起

06.Flowers Blossom Tints Along Clolorful – 花开不愁没颜色

07. Fang Du – 渡

08. Lastly from Deep Look Into The Sun – 结果我们戒不掉直视太阳的毛病

09. Leave Me Around Shattered – 就让我碎在这里

10. Right at The Moment The Dust Flows – 就在尘埃全数上升的那个时

11. Gloomy Sunday