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by spay

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Title: Gank Your Heart OST / 陪你到世界之巅 OST
Release Year: 2019
Country: China
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Download: Google Drive, Mega

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GOOGLE DRIVE                         MEGA


Track List:

01. YiBo – The Most Burning Adventure

02. Stringer – Beyond The Sky

03. Shaw, Yang An Tong – If We Assume

04. Shaw – Not As Good (Remake)

05. Luna – Yes or No

06. Luna – Instant Love

07. Luna – Peace of Mind (Remake)

08. Guansen Ding – The Kiss of Eyes

09. Shaw, Doris – If We Assume (Bonus Track)

10. YiBo – The Most Burning Adventure (Inst.)