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Colourful Bone OST

by Dramaost

Chinese drama Colourful Bone OST

Colourful Bone OST / 艳骨 OST
Release Year: 2017
Country: China
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack

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Track List:

01. Yue Jingchuan – Broken Bone Injury (Opening song)

02. Zhao Zihua – Mo Open Flowers (Ending song)

03. Zero G – Night Of Battle (Episode)

04. Zhao Zihua – Let Me (Episode)

05. Product Crown, Guo Meimei – Live In Your Dreams (Episode)

06. Liu Chao – Wind Melody (Episode)

07. Deng Qiang – So Happy To Stay (Original Song: Live In Your Dreams)

08. Deng Qiang – Heartbroken A Red Face (Original Song: Broken Bone Injury)

09. Deng Qiang – Broken Bone Injury (Original Song: Broken Bone Injury)

10. Zheng Yujie – A Strange Flower Bloom (Original Song: Mo Open Flowers)

11. Zheng Yujie – Painted Horizon (Original Song: Mo Open Flowers)

12. Wang Zhi – Burning (Original Song: Night Of Battle)

13. Dan Geer – Boots To The Sky (Original Song: Wind Melody)

14. Dan Geer – People Still Feel Unfulfilled (Original Song: Wind Melody)

15. Song Yang – Let Me Wait (Original Song: Let Me)

16. Song Yang – Hard To Miss The Lack Of (Original Song: Let Me)

17. Lin Xiaojin – Painted Sketches Hard To Draw The Heart (Pure Music)

18. Lin Xiaojin – The Film Asked Questions (Pure Music)

19. Chen Ming – Colourful Bone