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Title: Slave Hunters OST / Chuno OST / 추노 OST
Release Year: 2010
Country: South Korea
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Download: Google Drive, Mega

Download Album / Individual Song:

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Track List:

01. Change (by Gloomy 30’s)

02. Stigma (by Yim Jae Beom)

03. Moon Jeddah (by Beige)

04. Grassroots of the I (by MC Sniper)

05. Damn Love (by Woong San)

06. Akto (new age)

07. Wanted (instr)

08. Black Mountain (instr)

09. Breathing (instr)

10. Wings (by Ccotbyel)

11. Lost Paradise (instr)

12. Under heaven (Ye yelling) (instr)

13. Flower road of stars (instr)

14. Black does not cry (instr)

15. Incense (instr)

16. Chuno (instr)

17. Stigma (Bonus Track) by Yim Jae Beom