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Befriend OST

Befriend OST / 人際關係事務所 OST
Release Year: 2018
Country: Taiwan
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack

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Track List:

01. Wen Yizhe – Missing, It Turned Out to be This Feeling

02. IVI, Nicky Lee – No Shortage

03. Wen Yizhe – Your Heartlessness Touched My Heart

04. Nicky Lee – I’m Very Fake

05. Wen Yizhe – Love Makes Me Omnipotent

06. Nicky Lee – To Get Started

07. Wen Yizhe – I Can Understand, What You Are Saying Now

08. Wen Yizhe – Love In The Wrong Direction, But Also a Kind of Direction

09. Nicky Lee – Secrets

10. Wen Yizhe – Uneasy, It Is a Side Effect Before Love Begins

11. Candice Liu – Love?

12. Wen Yizhe – Is The World Only The Most Lonely?

13. Nicky Lee – Intrinsically Alters

14. Wen Yizhe – It’s Been Like This