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Age of Youth 2 OST

by spay

Download Korean drama Age of Youth 2 OST

Title: Age of Youth 2 OST / 청춘시대 2 OST
Release Year: 2017
Country: South Korea
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Download: Google Drive, Mega

Download Album / Individual Soundtrack:

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Track List:

01. Kim Min Hong feat. Drain – Age of Youth

02. Temperature of Saying “Hi” feat. Moha – Farewell Flower (Remastered ver.)

03. Kang Ah Sol – My Answer (Remastered ver.)

04. Addnine Project feat. Moha – When The Cold Wind Blows (Remastered ver.)

05. Drain – The Days Are Like Today (Remastered ver.)

06. Sister’s Barbershop – 홀로 있는 사람들 (Remastered ver.)

07. HoA – 번지네 (Remastered ver.)

08. Sogyumo Acacia Band – 사랑 (시소버전) (Remastered ver.)

09. Kim Min Hong – Bluedawn

10. Big Little Lions – Fills Me Up (Remastered ver.)

11. The Tellers – Memory (Remastered ver.)

12. Jordan Klassen – The Most Bored David Jules Ever Got (Remastered ver.)

13. Susie Suh – Feather In The Wind (Remastered ver.)

14. Big Little Lions – Soon (Remastered ver.)

15. Sidney York – Dick & Jane (Remastered ver.)